QESS Projects


Development of Online Teaching, Learning & Assessment Solutions (T01/QESS/2020)

The project connects four institutions in Hong Kong to develop a video communication solution with a built-in simultaneous response system and assessment tools called Crio. The participating institutions will develop online and blended-learning courses with augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and gamified elements to provide students with a joyful learning experience through interaction.
Project Objectives
  • Setting up a video communication solution that has a built-in simultaneous response system to engage students in online classes and also provides solution for online assessment;
  • Develop a VR/AR courseware application that can generate and edit VR/AR contents for various teaching needs and purposes, as well as for a variety of applicable devices;
  • Create 20 online and blended learning courses with game elements and VR/AR technology; and
  • Organize hands-on workshops and seminars to acknowledge teaching staff on technical skills and the conceptual framework of online teaching pedagogy and gamification of course contents.

For more details of the project, please visit our project website

Establishing a Resource Centre for Digital Competence Education (RCDCE)(T03/QESS/2023)

This project aims to establish a Resource Centre for Digital Competence Education (RCDCE) as a centralized body in HKSYU. The RCDCE will be the headquarter to plan and oversee the organization, utilization, and creation of learning resources for digital competence education. It consists of one online platform (The Digital Competence Education Platform) and one offline resource hub (The Digital Competence Learning Commons)

Project Objectives
  • Identify, centralize, and utilize learning resources for enhancing students’ digital competence.
  • Develop eLearning modules of digital competence with reference to Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (DigComp) 2.2.
  • Provide learning support activities to increase students’ digital learning opportunities and practices.
  • Conduct research to evaluate the initiatives adopted for digital competence education.
  • Share experiences from the establishment of RCDCE to advance digital competence education.

DOTLAS Sharing Platform

This sharing platform allows the general public access and utilization of the blended teaching and learning materials developed in the project. Types of courseware available on the sharing platform include educational animations, micro module videos, online games, other game materials, VR tours and VR programs. The new platform developed provides a more integrated and systematic organization and display of the courseware, and the progress tracking functions, and certification function support general users to self-learn with the materials

You can access the sharing platform Here.