Teaching Excellence Award


Teaching Excellence Award

The Teaching Excellence Award is the first university-wide Teaching Excellence Award in HKSYU and is organized by the Advancement for Teaching and Learning Development Committee (ATLC) and the Teaching and Learning Development Office (TLDO). The Teaching Excellence Award is part of the initiatives taken by the university to promote teaching and learning excellence in SYU. This award recognizes and celebrates the contributions of faculty members who demonstrate a strong commitment to teaching and who have made a significant impact on their students' learning experience.


  • The Teaching Excellence Award is aimed at fostering a culture of teaching excellence by recognizing and rewarding outstanding and innovative teaching practices. Moreover, the award provides a valuable platform for showcasing effective and creative teaching methods that can inspire and inform the wider academic community. The Teaching Excellence Award also encourages peer learning among teachers, promoting collaboration and the sharing of best practices to enhance teaching quality across the university. Ultimately, the award is intended to improve students' learning experiences by highlighting and celebrating exceptional teaching practices that have been shown to enhance student learning outcomes.


    • 1.   Full-time teaching staff in HKSYU

    • 2.  Teach in HKSYU for at least two semesters

    • 3.  Have taught at least courses (for 9 credits) in the review period (including both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, departmental core courses, elective courses, and GE courses)

    • 4.  Open to individuals only, team teaching is not considered

    • 5.  Evaluation is based on teaching in individual courses

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for the Teaching Excellence Award are:

1. Innovative and effective pedagogy

      • - Able to go beyond traditional teaching methods to adopt cutting-edge teaching and assessment approaches that can better facilitate students’ learning
      • - Effectively engage students in deep learning

2. Effective application of educational technology

      • - Being able to select and apply appropriate educational technology to enhance classroom interaction, motivate students’ interest, or improve the quality of feedback and assessment

3. Interdisciplinary perspectives

      • - Effective support students to synergize perspectives from multiple disciplines to analyze a topic

2022/23 Teaching Excellence Award Winner

Dr. Yang Yike

Department of Chinese Language and Literature


The award-winning course 'Digital Technologies in Teaching' was developed as an elective for the education concentrations in Chinese, English, and history at Hong Kong Shue Yan University (SYU). The primary objective of this course is to introduce students to new technologies used in education and provide them with the opportunity to explore how to incorporate these technologies into their teaching practices. The course covers various areas such as learning management systems, extended reality (XR), geographic information systems (GIS), and 3D printing.


Led by Dr. Yang Yike, the course places a strong emphasis on training students to integrate digital technology into pedagogy effectively. Dr. Yang employs innovative teaching methods that encourage hands-on learning experiences for the students. One notable aspect of the course is that students are given the opportunity to create their own Open Educational Resources (OERs), allowing them to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout the course.




The Teaching Excellence Award is open to both self-nomination and nominations made by students.

Teachers who wish to apply for the award must complete and submit the application form by email to before the deadline.

For the nomination of teachers by students, two full-time students who completed the course taught by the teacher during the current academic year are required to provide the nomination. Each student can nominate only one teacher. It is important to note that any nomination must be made with the nominee's consent. Each nominee is required to complete a nomination form and submit the application form by email to before the deadline.

Deadline for application and nomination in 2023/24 academic year: 19thJuly,2024
You can downlaod application form here.