Generative AI


Generative AI

AI technology has the transformative potential to reshape the landscape of teaching and learning by offering innovative tools and approaches. These technologies can provide personalized learning experiences, adaptive content delivery, and efficient assessment methods. However, amidst these advancements, upholding academic integrity and honesty remains paramount.

The Teaching and Learning Development Office (TLDO) will play the following roles in supporting the development of responsible AI use in HKSYU:

  • Faculty Training and Learning Resources:
    -  Provide resources and workshops on integrating AI tools effectively and ethically into curriculum design.

  • Instructional Design Collaboration:
    -  Collaborate with teachers to create AI-driven educational content and platforms that cater to diverse learning preferences.

  • Pedagogical Innovation:
    - Explore innovative pedagogical approaches that leverage AI for personalized learning, adaptive content delivery, and efficient
       assessment methods.
    - Develop strategies to combine AI tools with established teaching methods to enhance overall educational outcomes.

  • Responsible AI Use Advocacy:
    -  Promote responsible and ethical use of AI technology by providing guidelines and best practices for integrating AI in educational

  • Continuous Improvement and Research:
    -  Stay updated with the latest AI trends and advancements in the education sector.
    -  Conduct research and assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of AI-integrated teaching and learning approaches.