Introduction of EEG Lab Training Game to Enhance Neuroscientific Education



The Teaching and Learning Development Office is thrilled to announce a collaborative gamification project with the Department of Counselling and Psychology. This exciting initiative involves the development of an EEG Lab Training Game aimed at enhancing the education of neuropsychology. 


The EEG Lab Training Game offers an immersive experience through interactive challenges, enabling students to engage in simulated exercises related to electrode placement, data collection, and data analysis in EEG studies. Traditionally, the limited availability and high cost of EEG labs and equipment have restricted access for only a select few students. However, with the introduction of the EEG Lab Training Game, all students now can practice and refine their skills in operating these specialized instruments before engaging in actual procedures. By simulating real-world scenarios, the game will the gap between knowledge and practice. This invaluable training tool will empower a larger number of students to learn how to operate EEG equipment and deepen their understanding of neuropsychological research.  

A short demonstration video of the game has also been prepared:


The EEG Lab Training Game will be launched in the near future, please stay tuned for further updates.