Workshops and Mini-Tutorial Videos on HKSYU ChatGPT



Recognizing the significant potential of AI in education and the challenges it brings, the ATLC has organized a series of workshops for teaching staff in September 2023. These workshops feature AI experts and award-winning teachers. Additionally, the TLDO has developed an accompanying series of tutorial videos to introduce the basic operation and share tips for crafting prompts with HKSYU ChatGPT. 

The workshop conducted by Prof. Andy Chun, the regional director of technology innovation for Prudential Corporation Asia,introduced some of the applications, potential challenges, and ethical concerns of generative AI in higher education.


In another workshop titled "Create your TA bots: An exploration of innovative pedagogical strategies and assessment methodologies through GenAI." Prof. Nina Xie, an Assistant Professor in Teaching in the Lingnan University, introduced pedagogical approaches that  integrate artificial intelligence to consultation and assessment. During the workshop, teachers gained hands-on experience for developing AI chatbots that feed their needs using ChatGPT or other generative AI tools, as well as using AI to augment project consultation sessions with students.


The last workshop of the AI in Education series titled "Writing Effective Prompts for Optimal Output in Higher Education." was delivered by Dr. Cathie So, a machine learningresearcher from the Ethereum Foundation and an honorary lecturer at the Department of Psychology at the University of Hong Kong. During the workshop, Dr. So shared  techniques for crafting prompts that take advantage of AI’s capabilities. Best practices for educating students about the promises and pitfalls of generative AI were also discussed. 


In addition to the ATLC workshops, the Teaching and Learning Development Office has created short introductory videos which offer practical tips and guidance on how to utilize HKSYU ChatGPT effectively and responsibly. These videos are available at the TLDO website and youtube channel.