Student Project Award - A Great Chance for Students to Showcase their Talent



The university is excited to announce the launch of its annual Student Project Award, providing an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity, innovation, and academic excellence. The competition aims to recognize outstanding student projects across various disciplines and celebrate their remarkable achievements.


The application for this year's Student Project Award is now open, the application deadline for the award is June 10, 2023. Students from all faculties are encouraged to apply for the award. To participate in the competition, interested students can visit the TLDO website and complete the online application form. Students are required to provide a detailed description of their project, including objectives, methodology, outcomes, and any supporting materials such as images, videos, or prototypes.


Winners of the Student Project Award will receive HKD 5000 cash/coupon for each project, along with a certificate of recognition. The Student Project Award not only honours outstanding student projects but also provides a platform for students to gain recognition for their hard work and dedication. The competition offers an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their projects to the wider university community, industry professionals, and potential employers, creating networking and career advancement prospects.


For more information about the Student Project Award and the application process, please click here or contact Ms Gloria Chuang at 2804 8568.