The School Recognizes Teaching Excellence with Teaching Excellence Award



The university is calling for nominations and applications for its annual Teaching Excellence Award, celebrating outstanding teachers who have made significant contributions to teaching and learning.


The application period for this year's Teaching Excellence Award is now open, the application deadline is June 10, 2023. Full-time teaching staff from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Nominations can be made by students.


The Teaching Excellence Award recognizes teachers who employ innovative teaching methods and effective use of educational technology. It highlights the importance of effective communication, creativity, and dedication in the classroom. The award encourages continuous improvement in teaching practices and showcases the university's commitment to providing a transformative education for its students. Interested teachers can visit the TLDO website and complete the online application form.


For more information about the Teaching Excellence Award and the application and nomination process, please click here or contact Ms Gloria Chuang at 2804 8568.